Switch your wallet to Polygon network


Step 1

Login to your metamask account

Step 2

At the top right corner, select the network box

Step 3

Select the "Add Network"

Step 4

Fill in the Polygon network parameters click the โ€œSaveโ€ button:

Step 5

After that, select โ€œPolygon Mainnet". So you have successfully imported the Polygon network into the Metamask wallet.

Trust/Safepal Wallet

Trust wallet and Safepal wallet have the same tutorial:

Step 1

Login to your Trust wallet/Safepal wallet account

Step 2

Click on the DApp button

Step 3: In the search bar, find KingdomStarter: https://kingdomstarter.io/ and press Go

Please be noted that before pressing Go, you must choose the Polygon chain in the button of the network.

Step 4: Connect your wallet to KingdomStarter

Click on Connect wallet then choose Polygon chain

After a short wait, you will see your wallet address displayed on the top right corner of KingdomStarter, that means you have successful switch your wallet to the Polygon network.

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