Contributor Program

With the aim to identify many potential projects to launch on KingdomStarter while adding & increasing more revenue opportunities for dedicated users, we have bridged the gap between us, users & projects by renewing our program as below:

Who can join?

  • VCs, media partners and KOLs

  • Blockchain experts

  • Well-networked individuals

  • Crypto & blockchain enthusiasts

  • Users, angel investors, etc.

Whoever you are, if you have connections with any potential projects, you can refer them to us. We welcome every individual and will call you as KDG Contributor.

What are the benefits?

For IDO:

  • 100,000 KDG tokens for each successful referral IDO

  • Up to 5% commission out of total launchpad fee

  • Up to $3,000 IDO allocation of the project that you’ve shared with us successfully

  • 100,000 additional KDG tokens if there are 3 successful referrals

Other services:

  • For marketing/ incubation/ advisory/ market maker: Up to 5% commission on the first payment in stablecoin we receive (first-month service)

  • PR posts, review videos: Negotiable

  • Other marketing/community activities, partner connections… Please feel free to give us your offer

Other benefits:

  • Gain the title: KDG Contributor

  • Rights to refer your recommended projects to launch on KingdomStarter

  • Early access to credible and severe projects for long-term investments

  • Support with projects that promote future collaborations and partnerships

When will rewards be distributed?

Your rewards will be sent within 7 days after your referral projects are successfully listed on any exchange.

How to sign up?

The contributors can refer the project to us by following these steps:

We will review your referral projects and get back to you as soon as possible.

What are the main tasks?

The contributors are required to complete all the tasks below to receive their rewards:

  • Provide all the required project details

  • Fill in the registration and send messages to Tina

  • Create a group between us and your referral project

⚠️ Notes: KDG Team retains the right not to approve certain referrals due to issues with the project’s viability, technical development stage, founding team’s competence, or any other credibility risks.

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