How to get USDC on Polygon

There are several ways to obtain USDC on Polygon Network. And here we will give you a easiest way to get USDC in your wallet. Let's find out.


Step 1

Login to your MEXC account.

Step 2

Select "Market" button then find the trading pair USDC-USDT.

*Note: Tutorial on How to get USDT on MEXC exchange

Step 3

Place a buying order: Buy USDC by USDT.

Step 4: Check your amount of USDC you have bought in the wallet section

Select "Wallet" button a click on "Overview" then select "Spot account" and you will see the amount of USDC you have purchased.

*Note: You can refer the video How to buy KDG on MEXC exchange to buy MATIC

Withdraw USDC to your Defi wallet

Step 1

Login to you Defi wallet and copy the Polygon network wallet address on your wallet clicking on the address line.

Step 2

Back to your MEXC account, in the spot account of wallet section, find your USDC token then choose the "Withdraw" button.

Step 3

In the withdraw interface, fill in all the information below:

  • Address: Your Defi wallet address you just copied

  • Withdrawal network: Polygon

  • Amount: Submit the amount of MATIC you want to withdraw Then select the "Submit" button

Step 4

Wait for 1-3 minutes then go back to your Defi wallet to check the USDC balance in your wallet.

Step 5: After having MATIC and USDC in your wallet, you can start joining IGOs on the Polygon chain by following all the steps of How to participate in an IGO

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