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Why list events on Airdrop Portal?

For participating in Airdrop Portal, blockchain projects will receive a great opportunity to achieve their growth metrics via the following:

  • Free: No fee, no limit & no complex rules.

  • Effective: Powerful marketing of Portal will help to attract more participants. Many events of KDG's partners will conduct at the same time. KDG Airdrop Portal will become a gateway for users of each partner to participate in not only 1 but many events. That led to the success of all events.

  • Increase user interest in your project & develop strong social channels: With huge numbers in KDG communities & partners, your events in KDG Airdrop Portal will achieve great success.

  • Easy to conduct an event: You just need to sponsor rewards & KDG will take care of the rest

  • Wide and fair distribution of tokens: Blockchain projects donโ€™t need to transfer rewards manually, KDG has a system for users to claim their prizes easily

Apply to publish & promote events

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