💵Airdrop Portal

1. What is Airdrop Portal?

Airdrop Portal is designed to provide our users the access to the airdrop/bounty/giveaway…any events that can earn tokens from KDG & KDG ecological partners in a secure, decentralized, and user-friendly way. What users need to do is access KDG Airdrop Portal, find the event they want to join and claim their rewards. No risks, no fees, and no limits.

2. Why should I join events on Airdrop Portal?

Airdrop Portal works as a bridge for KDG users to learn and engage in great events of diverse projects as well as for blockchain projects to expand their community. The goal is to help real users to earn rewards safely and fairly via the following:

  • Earn as much as you want: Users can be rewarded by participating in events listed on Airdrop Portal. You can join any events you want, with no limit.

  • Simple and Easy: You get rewards by doing easy tasks. No complex rules. No fee.

  • Secure and Fair: Airdrops & other earn-free tokens events are often used by scammers to prey on crypto users through private key scams, send me crypto for airdrop scams. We want to provide a secure environment to allow participants to engage in all events without fear of the above issues.

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